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1. Obtaining a Turkey tax identification number
2. Purchasing real estate with a minimum value of $250,000
3. Obtaining a foreign exchange purchase certificate (DAB)
4. Obtaining a certificate of conformity from the land registry
5. Preparing the application documents (Our lawyers will give you the list)
6. Application for turkish residency
7. Application for Turkish citizenship

Our company is with you until you receive your passport.

1. Payment of real estate
2. Obtaining compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK)
3. Making the appraisal report
4. Deed application with passport translation and tax identification number
5. Payment of title deed tax to the state
6. Going to sign with a message from the land registry office
7. Your deed is ready. You can register the property by going to the municipality.

You need a tax number and address evidence. When you plan to come to Turkey, bring address evidence where your address and name wrote on the bill. According to the bank legislation, your address must be proven by an electric, water or internet bill which shows your address and name.

There are independent, English-speaking lawyers in Istanbul.
All lawyers of our company speak English.
They can serve you in opening a bank account, obtaining your tax number, purchasing real estate and deed transactions, and applying for citizenship.


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Alex S.

"Thank you very much for your good service Mr. Umit. Thanks to you, ı bought a wonderful apartment and gained turkish citizenship."

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Liao W.

"I gained my turkish citizenship by investment through your lawyer. It was a very enjoyable process. Thank you."

Haitham J.

"I obtained Turksish citizenship by purchasing 2 flats in Istanbul. Thank you very much for your safe service."

Kim Y.

"I bought my house in turkey online from abroad. Thank you for your safe and transparent consultancy and lawyers. "

Mohamed F.

"I gained my Turkish citizenship in the fastest way by getting my title deeds in istanbul with you company. Thanks."

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