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1. Obtaining a Turkey tax identification number
2. Purchasing real estate with a minimum value of $400,000
3. Obtaining a foreign exchange purchase certificate (DAB)
4. Obtaining a certificate of conformity from the land registry
5. Preparing the application documents (Our lawyers will give you the list)
6. Application for turkish residency
7. Application for Turkish citizenship

Our company is with you until you receive your passport.

1. Payment of real estate
2. Obtaining compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK)
3. Making the appraisal report
4. Deed application with passport translation and tax identification number
5. Payment of title deed tax to the state
6. Going to sign with a message from the land registry office
7. Your deed is ready. You can register the property by going to the municipality.

You need a tax number and address evidence. When you plan to come to Turkey, bring address evidence where your address and name wrote on the bill. According to the bank legislation, your address must be proven by an electric, water or internet bill which shows your address and name.

There are independent, English-speaking lawyers in Istanbul.
All lawyers of our company speak English.
They can serve you in opening a bank account, obtaining your tax number, purchasing real estate and deed transactions, and applying for citizenship.

1- Buying a property in Turkey from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish legal real estate company.
2- The property must have a statutory title deed even if it is still under construction.
3- The price of the property must be more than 400 thousand USD.
4- Paying the price of the property through a bank transfer from a bank outside or inside Turkey or you should deposit your cash into the seller's account via bank and get the bank statement.
5- During the sale of the deed, an annotation must be made that the deed is taken for Turkish citizenship and cannot be sold for 3 years.

The fastest way to gain Turkish citizenship is to invest in real estate within 1 week, get your title deed immediately and apply for Turkish citizenship. You will receive your residence permit card within 1 week of your application and you will not need a visa. You can stay in Turkey as long as you want. Your Turkish citizenship will be approved within 3 months at the latest and you will receive your passport.

- Title deed of the property.

- A passport with six months validity at least.

- A family statement of the children, translated into Turkish and ratified by the Turkish embassy in the home country.

- and Health insurance for each family member.


If you want to get a residence permit in Turkey, please contact us. Our company has a residence permit application department.

The advantages of owning a house in Turkey offers you maximum comfort because to its geopolitics position, commercial prospects, natural beauty, and accessibility. The home you purchase here can be viewed as an investment. You have the chance to make future investments when you own a home in Turkey. You can come here on vacation in the summer or you can rent your house. It is possible to get both an affordable holiday opportunity and an extra source of income in the winter months.

If you want to get a residence permit in Turkey, please call us. Let us recommend you the best opportunity offers.

Inheritance tax rate varying between 1 percent and 10 percent in Turkey is very low when compared to other EU countries.

The inherited tax must be paid within three years of the decedent's passing at the latest.

- Let us partner with you in finding the right investment in Turkey!.

- Area Istanbul has a full-service immigration company based in Turkey.

- Area Istanbul provides passports and citizenship after your investment.

- Free professional legal support and supervision to obtain Turkish citizenship.

- Citizenship requires an investment of only $ 400,000 in real estate.

You can easily visit 109 countries with a visa-free agreement.

Turkish passports are one of the top 30 passports in the world. 

You do not need a residence permit for the required period.

If you have this passport, you can benefit from a pension system like a Turkish citizen. 

You have the right to vote in all kinds of elections. 

You benefit from all medical rights.

If you have a Turkish passport, you can get dual citizenship.

 Turkey have many people from othery nationality. there are no conditions imposed by the Turkish government to abandon the  original nationality when acquiring Turkish nationality.

the answer is No. After receipt of the file with all the necessary documents, the decision of citizenship will be taken only after study of the file by the Turkish government

A residence permit is usually issued for one or two years and can be renewed annually.

Basically, it is a renewable residence permit that is granted foreigners who own real estate in Turkey. A real estate residence permit (residence through the purchase of real estate in Turkey) is usually granted for one year but it is a renewable.

No, it is not necessary to live in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship. Even if your permanent residence is outside Turkey, you can still obtain Turkish citizenship after purchasing property in Turkey.

You can buy as many properties as you want. There are no restrictions on buying property in Turkey.

All three will be converted to US dollars on the same day the title certificate is created. They must all be over $ 400,000 USD in total. They don't have to be the same one by one.

Just in rural areas and military zones. Except that there are no restrictions imposed.

Yes, but it is a complex and lengthy process that requires the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, which rarely happens. That is why foreign companies need to establish a Turkish subsidiary that will help them buy and sell assets together with other companies and Turkish citizens.

Yes. It is mandatory for foreign buyers. The selling price and valuation do not need to be the same as long as the buyer and seller agree to the agreement.

You and your children under the age of 18 can submit an application to citizenship. Your husband / wife must provide another attorney's power of attorney to apply for citizenship

If your first wife gets Turkish citizenship, then the second wife becomes eligible to apply. Second wife cannot make the application first.

Yes. the most important thing that the title deed must be  over $ 400,000

Buyers already can take advantage of this plan after the new law goes into effect (September 19, 2018).

Yes In normal cases, investors have the same price list.

The money must be yours only (the account holder must be the new owner of the property). Money can come directly from another country. Or as a second option, you can open an account here at one of the Turkish banks. You can transfer first to your account, and then to the seller’s account.

Yes, we have an English speaking lawyer. We can offer them during your trip.

When a foreigner buys a house, he can get a residence permit in Turkey. It does not include economic units and land.

Yes. The main season is from April to October, but in winter it can be rented at a low price.

in Turkey, prices is 50% cheaper than the overall price level.

yes, Turkey has been a NATO member state since 1952.

Area Istanbul Real Estate Company can help you to ensure your property in anytime.

If you are an employee or entrepreneur and have a regular income, you have the opportunity to purchase bank loans. Otherwise it would not be possible.

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