Is Turkey Still A Good Place To Invest In Real Estate?

Turkey is a worldwide destination of choice for international investors and captains of industry due to its solid foundation upon which different kinds of investments are constructed, as well as the numerous investment opportunities it offers in various sectors, including real estate, industrial, advert, agrarian, and other viable investment fields. We can refer to the previous years as the golden period of Turkish real estate given the great economic success and immense advancement that the real estate industries had experienced. This is especially true given the exponential increase in real estate prices, the record-breaking number of homes sold, and the high rates that international investors experienced when buying and selling properties.


There is absolutely no question that the timeframe of prosperity and expansion in the real estate sector was not a coincidence; Rather, it was the result of meticulous planning on the part of the Turkish government, that also passed legislation encouraging investors to make their initial real estate purchases in Turkey and revised the rules governing acquiring Turkish citizenship. Due to modifications made to Turkish citizenship laws specifically, the decrease of the amount of property able to qualify for Turkish citizenship from $1 million to $250,000 and the decrease of the worth of the deposit account going to guarantee Turkish citizenship for foreign nationals from $3 million to $5000 many entrepreneurs have been urged to invest in Turkey. The percentage of apartment buildings sold to foreign nationals managed to reach 68,334 properties all through 2019, which is the largest number recorded over the last ten years in terms of real estate sales to foreign nationals,.


Based on the data above, it can be concluded that real estate investment continues to offer numerous benefits that attract foreign capital and offers several opportunities for enterprises to build various real estate investment kinds in Turkey.


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