Kadikoy: Coolest District Of Istanbul

Kadikoy, one of the oldest settlements on the Asian Side of Istanbul, is also one of the most lively districts of Istanbul. It is close to Uskudar, Kalamıs, Moda. It is crowded almost every hour of the day with its many restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment centres. It also appeals to a blended culture with its universities and university campuses, shopping malls, theatres and historical places. The campus of Marmara University, one of the best universities in Turkey, is located in Istanbul Kadikoy. It is possible to see a bookstore on every street. In fact, it is impossible not to find the books you have never found in Kadikoy.

In Istanbul Kadikoy, which is famous for its street delicacies, you can see street simit sellers and mussel sellers every step of the way. Since it is a very central place, many private educational institutions, business houses, wholesalers and different sectors such as textile manufacturers are located here.

In the inner parts of Kadikoy, there are quite luxurious districts such as Moda and Fenerbahce. The houses in Moda and Fenerbahce are quite old. For this reason, within the scope of the urban transformation project, quite luxurious residences are being built in place of the old buildings. There are also luxury restaurants by the sea. It is a town where both middle-class families and very luxurious people reside. Bagdat Street, Caddebostan; It is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul Kadikoy in terms of entertainment, shopping and eating and drinking.

Fenerbahce Football Club, one of the top three football clubs in Turkey, is also in Istanbul Kadikoy. Within the scope of the urban transformation project, the biggest change recently has taken place in Fikirtepe neighbourhood of Kadikoy. Whether for business or residential purposes, Istanbul's Kadikoy district has become a favourite of foreign investors, as it appeals to every budget.  If you wish, set up the business center in Istanbul Kadikoy and travel within Istanbul as you wish. Because transportation is very easy both by sea and by land in Kadikoy Istanbul. Properties for sale in Kadikoy are the attraction point of Istanbul to benefit from entertainment venues. If you have an active life and want to real estate invest in lively locations, Kadikoy will be the right choice.

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