Property Investment with Area Istanbul Real Estate Consultancy

Foreign citizens who want to buy property in Istanbul should definitely act with a professional real estate consultant in the field. Otherwise, it is not possible for the legal process or official transactions to fulfil the relevant procedures.

There have been many legal legislation changes regarding the real estate investment of foreigners in Turkey. Transactions facilitating the process were implemented, such as the acquisition of property by foreigners, their entitlement to Turkish citizenship, and tax-related changes. The fact that the property investment process is easier has been the focus of foreigners who want to invest. Factors such as the dynamism of the real estate market in Istanbul and the gain in property investment have also increased the number of foreigners investing. Area Istanbul Real Estate Agency has provided real estate consultancy services to hundreds of foreign citizens for 13 years. Thanks to the references gained by the company, its customer portfolio has grown. While providing consultancy services, customers receive service in their native language, enabling them to express each subject clearly.

We act with an approach that knows what foreign investors want, understands the customer and protects the interests of the customer. Information about the area to be purchased, location, income, living conditions, legal procedures, etc. is conveyed. Customers must obtain all the information completely and make their decision based on this information. Foreigners, to whom we have provided real estate consultancy services, have always been profitable.




Area Istanbul Real Estate Consultancy has all kinds of properties in its portfolio. In the real estate portfolio for sale; there are many different property alternatives such as a house for sale, land for sale, apartment for sale, office for sale, building for sale, house with garden for sale, luxury house for sale, sea view house for sale, flat for sale, sea view flat for sale, studio flat for sale, villa for sale. Various properties are available in different
regions at different prices.  It is not an easy process for a foreigner to buy a property outside of their country of residence. Although changes have been made in the law to facilitate convenience, the support of an expert should be sought. Area Istanbul Real Estate Agency will continue the necessary transactions in full in the process of purchasing the property and after the purchase of the property.


If you want to make an investment in Istanbul please contact us.

Whatsapp: +90 532 582 72 94


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