Real Estate Residence Permit In Turkey

You may experience some challenges while applying for or renewing a residence permit in Turkey for the first time, but it is different when you attempt to acquire it by purchasing a home in Turkey since the title deed is typically the key to renewing it. Simultaneously, real estate investment in Turkey is increasing. In 2021, 23741 flats were purchased by foreigners in Turkey, the majority of which were in Istanbul.


Different Types Of Residence Permits In Turkey

Purchasing in a home in Turkey is not the only sort of housing in Turkey, where Turkey is an appealing setting for resources and energy on multiple levels. As a result, the kinds of residence permits in Turkey vary based on the reason for his or her presence in Turkey and are classified as follows:

The Turkey Tourism Residence

Long Term Or Permanent Residency In Turkey.

Turkey Residency Permit

Residences For Students In Turkey

Stay In Turkey With Your Family.

Documents Are Needed For A Real Estate Residence In Turkey

The Property's Title Documentation

Earthquake Insurance For Your Home

A Passport That Is Valid For At Least Six Months.

A Children's Family Declaration Was Translated Into Turkish And Confirmed By The Turkish Embassy In The Motherland.

Each Of The Family Members Must Have Healthcare Coverage In Turkey.

What Is The Minimum Property Valuation Required For A Real Estate Dwelling Permit?


Those seeking to acquire real estate in Turkey should be aware that the price of the property must be $75,000 or above in major cities such as Istanbul. If a foreign investor wants to purchase a home in Turkey, the property should be worth at least $50,000 and be in a small city. It should be noted that the property valuation assessment must match the specified minimum value in order to get a real estate dwelling permit.


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