The Benefits Of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Investing in real estate in Turkey has multiple benefits. To list the main headings;

  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship
  • Dual Nationality
  • Great Property Returns
  • Real Estate Prices are Cheaper than Europe
  • Tax Exemptions for Foreign Investors in Turkey


Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

When you buy real estate in Turkey with a payment of $400.00 or more, you are given Turkish citizenship by the government. If you want to follow this process and complete the citizenship process quickly, you can rest assured that we, as Area Istanbul Real Estate Company, will give you full support. In addition, if you are married and have children under the age of 18, they will automatically acquire Turkish citizenship when you acquire Turkish citizenship.

Dual Nationality

When you acquire Turkish citizenship, you can become a dual citizen according to the laws of the Turkish government. According to the Turkish citizenship law, it is not a problem if you use both your citizenship in your place of birth and the Turkish citizenship you have obtained in Turkey.




Great Property Returns

Real estate prices in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, are constantly changing and increasing according to the world and Turkish economy. A real estate investment in a city like Istanbul that connects continents is unlikely to remain stable. The value of the property you bought always goes up. For this reason, do not be late to invest in real estate in Istanbul Turkey.

Real Estate Prices are Cheaper than Europe

Your real estate investment in Istanbul Turkey will always be cheaper than in Europe. Since the exchange rate in Turkey and Europe are not the same, it will be a cheaper investment for you if you use the same unit of money for real estate investment in Turkey. Also, the property return will be higher.

Tax Exemptions for Foreign Investors in Turkey

When you buy a real estate in Istanbul Turkey and acquire Turkish citizenship, you are exempt from tax according to Turkish law. This will provide you with great financial advantages in your next investments.


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