Transportation And Accommodation In Istanbul

Foreign investors who come to Istanbul with real estate investment need accommodation due to the ongoing process of real estate purchase and sale transactions. There are many options available to choose from at this point in Istanbul Turkey. Because there are luxury, quality service hotels that will appeal to foreign investors in every corner of Istanbul. You can stay in a hotel with a Bosphorus view while the property purchase process is in progress. The regions you need to go to in order to meet this request may be Besiktas, Uskudar and Fatih districts. If you prefer quieter areas, districts such as Beykoz, Umraniye and Kagithane can be considered as options.






Sometimes foreign investors who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul also want to visit a city like Istanbul during the property purchase process. In such cases, they are usually helped by car, but some curious people also wonder about the experience of using public transportation in a metropolis like Istanbul. In such cases, a Bosphorus tour with a ferry can give you the best experience. On the European side of Istanbul, there are places that provide ferry service such as Besiktas and Eminonu. Bosphorus tour can be done by ferry in the districts of Uskudar and Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul. Using the metrobus can be a similar experience, but since Istanbul is a very crowded city, the metrobus line is usually very busy. Apart from these, using the tram line can also leave excellent flavors, especially in the historical peninsula region.


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