Turkish Citizenship Service with Area Istanbul Real Estate Consultancy

Foreign citizens who want to buy property in Turkey are not required to have a residence permit in Turkey. In accordance with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, a short-term residence permit is granted to foreigners who buy property. Foreign nationals who buy property in Turkey for 250.000 USD or more are entitled to have Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who want to qualify for Turkish citizenship should state that they have purchased a property for citizenship at the land registry office when purchasing a property. An annotation is put on the real estate purchased by foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship for 3 years. Foreigners cannot sell the property they bought for citizenship for 3 years. Area Istanbul Real Estate Agency provides this information in detail to its foreign customers who purchase property in order to acquire Turkish citizenship. With the change made in 2018, the right of foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property was reduced from 1 million dollars to 250,000 dollars.

According to the published circular, the property subject to Turkish citizenship is sold only once for this purpose. Restrictions have been imposed on the fact that it cannot be sold to another foreigner in order to gain the right to Turkish citizenship. Whether the purchased real estate is worth 250,000 USD is determined by the appraisal report. After the approval of all transactions, a 3-year annotation is put on the property purchased by the foreigner who is entitled to Turkish citizenship. As Area Istanbul Real Estate Consultancy, we follow this whole process meticulously.
The steps to be followed for Turkish citizenship are as follows.
• Obtaining a tax registration number
• Opening a bank account in Turkey
• Buying a minimum of 250,000 USD or more property
• Obtaining the certificate of conformity
• Preparation of application documents
• Application for Turkish Citizenship
Area Istanbul Real Estate Agency will give you a list of documents you need to prepare
to obtain Turkish citizenship.


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